Air Rifle Scrabble Information

If you're looking for quality outdoor activities such as an air rifle scrabble in Berkshire, Hi5 Events are the company for you. Air rifle scrabble is a fun activity where people develop their communication and leadership skills. It is also a great experience for children and adult to interactive and learn from each other.

On your arrival, we will provide you with the correct equipment to make sure that you're well prepared. Before going on the field to play air rifle scrabble, our Berkshire staff will go through the health and safety procedures in the introduction then divide your group into 8 teams.

The Berkshire air rifle scrabble activity has never been more exciting. Following the safety briefing and practice procedures, each player has to shoot at an alphabet target. Any letters hit, can be used to compete to achieve the highest scrabble score. The time required for this activity is 30-40 minutes and we'll divide the group into 8 teams. May the best team win!

Hi5 Events provide their customers and clients with outstanding daytime activities. So if would like to book this fantastic air rifle scrabble Berkshire activity, click on the 'enquire about this activity' for further details. As Hi5 Events are one of the leading companies for corporate team building events in Berkshire.

  • Time Required: 30-40 Mins
  • Numbers Per Team: Up to 8
  • Sets Available: Up to 4
  • Team Fun:
  • Team Build:
  • Leadership Development: