Human Table Football Information

Hi5 Events specialise in providing fun outdoor activities such as human table football in Berkshire. An energetic and hilarious game of 5 or 6 aside football, players are only able to move sideways along the poles and a foam ball is used for safety. Our Berkshire human table football game is designed to develop your leadership skills, how effectively you communicate with the team and your listening skills.

When you arrive, we will supply you with essential equipment to ensure that you're ready to play on the field. After the introduction and demonstration of the human table football, our Berkshire supervisors will divide your group into teams before starting the game.

Our Berkshire human table football has never been more exciting! We will set up a short league competition for up to 4 teams at a time, each game will last 30-40 minutes, this is a team fun activity which keeps everyone involved and gives you time for a much needed rest. We encourage a stress-free environment, so let's have some fun!

Here at Hi5 Events, our goal is to provide our customers and clients an exciting outdoor activity day out. So if you would like to book this fantastic human table football Berkshire experience, simply call us on 01189 567 556 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist your needs. Needless to say, that Hi5 Events are one of the leading companies for team building events in Berkshire.

  • Time Required: 30-40 Mins
  • Numbers Per Team: Up to 4 teams of 8
  • Sets Available: 1
  • Team Fun: