Information on our Motorised Beer Kegs

Racing around the track with our motorised beer kegs in Berkshire has never been more fun! At Hi5 Events, we specialise in creating unique events such as motorised beer kegs which involves a unique, one of a kind racing action which will sure have you and your group in stitches. Race around our exhilarating track whilst trying to stay on your keg!

Once you arrive at your chosen venue, we'll go through the health and safety regulations, provide you with a detailed introduction and demonstration of the motorised beer kegs. Our Berkshire team members are well-trained and will give you with the necessary training to make sure you're ready to race.

Each team has a practice run before the race around the slalom course. We will divide the group up to 8 teams and set up a competition with F1 style pit stops, the time required for this activity is 30-40 minutes. Our Berkshire motorised beer kegs activity is a perfect solution to your weekend.

Hi5 Events aim to provide their customers and clients with unique daytime activities. If you would like to book our motorised beer kegs Berkshire event, email and we will reply to your message as soon as possible. Needless to say, that Hi5 Events is one of the leading providers of corporate team building events.

  • Time Required: 30-40 Mins
  • Numbers Per Team: Up to 8
  • Sets Available: Up to 4
  • Team Fun: